"Seventeen" is a song by Azealia Banks. It was released in 2009. "Seventeen" samples the same named song by Ladytron, and it was actually the first released work from Azealia.


I’m not the dawn divaI'm beyond ya dawn skeezersI get cake from quick chicks with long heatersOne seven hot stepping like TekkenI'mma be a main bitch in a game like NinaAin't Sabrina but the teenage magicI halve your cups and the scene so graphicThe fake ID don’t got a mistakeMiss Banks keeps these niggas caught up in a teen angstThey’ve been tryin to look trying to fuckSince I first came through with the triple a cupNow I got hip slip tips in the buttNow im on radar like warm weather frontsNo candy, no hellos from strangersAnd Marmadukes got four in a chamberSo you better proceed with cautionOr lay six feet deep somewhere foreign [Hook: Ladytron]They only want you when you're seventeenWhen you're twenty one, you're no funThey take a polaroid and let you goThey say they'll let you know, so come on M I double SB A N K SI keep the whip tucked in my breastNot in the club, I be half dressedGot all them niggas by the bar impressedHmmmI vaguely skim the crowdAnd I peep her man looking arousedAnd maybe we can just retreat to the ABTBut that’s on me if he D.T.. (Nigga)Nigga that’s down to eat cause I'm down to leave if you a freak andParents left town for the weekendWe can do the freaking keep sneakingBeep BeepAnd a hoppin' a whipHe got two seater wheemer and a Glock and a clipAnd been sitting in his levi got a black four fifthYou can cock that shit and the bitch won't tripPlus I walk and talk and act like a ladyBut he got me chilling at his crib like a babyWe hit the liquor now he wanna lick herYKK he’s on my zipperHe wanna tickle my fancyAnd just go downtown like De LanceySo spit out ya gumLet your tongue tip the nooks and crannys and pass the pantys [Hook] And, ain't nothing finer then a minorKeep these niggas eating at my dinerTen twenty two with the mac eyelinerGot curfew so you better set the timer, nowYou got a girl going crazyMy hormones are going insanePlease top me off like Pizza Hut babyWe can do it in the butt maybe - notSo like nigga just playingAll the bitch is really saying isWe can get a day and inThat passenger seat looks vacantAnd if you with itIm yours for the takingSo hey shorty what it isYou settling the fizzBy just sitting there looking at itCome take a sip of my thrushPut your hand on my blushBetter keep it on the hush [Hook]

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