"Red Flame" is a song by Lady Gaga that featured Azealia but wasn't included in ARTPOP because of Azealia's poor attitude (and Gaga's weak mentality).

The poor thing.

Azealia rapped her verse while Ustreaming with her fans on February 12, 2013.

Lyrics Edit

Azealia Banks:
Vixon and viper the first
Viper the first, ooh
like two and a third
like who is the curve
like who in the fur
you heard it from here
Little heffa in a flat 10 dollar skirt,
Bitch, never spit stack on the frock of the purse
the buzz of the block, why nah be the word
the stock of the hills
fifth fire flavor for real
when I vamp down the catwalk, I pump it for real.
Liquorice lipstick, candy coated, the deal.