Miss Camaraderie
Broke With Expensive Taste 3
Song by Azealia Banks
from the album Broke with Expensive Taste
Released November 7, 2014
Recorded 2011-2014
Genre Hip-hop
Length 5:09
Label Prospect Park
Producer Lone

"Miss Camaraderie" is the sixteenth track by Azealia Banks off of her debut album "Broke With Expensive Taste." Miss Camaraderie also samples a flow from Azealia's song "Luxury"

BWET Track by Track- "Miss Camaraderie"

BWET Track by Track- "Miss Camaraderie"

Background Edit

"Miss Camaraderie" is the companion track to "Miss Amor", and was initially going to be its B-Side until "Miss Amor" was shelved as a single. Following "Miss Amor"'s story of "being able to date after a heartbreak," "Miss Camaraderie" is about being able to fall in love again post-breakup.[1]

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