"Ima Read" is a song by Azealia Banks from her mixtape "Fantasea".


The track was produced by Zebra Katz.  The song "Ima Read" samples the track of the same name, originally by Zebra Katz featuring Njena Reddd Foxxx.


[Verse 1]Imma take that bitch to collegeI'mma give that bitch some knowledgeUnderstand that your bitch top noviceJust clap your hands let me get my dollarsSmell the trees in the breeze, in the breezeI'mma weed, I'mma weed, I'mma weedImma dance, Imma ki ki kiIn factYa man's wanna meet, meet meLittle G, Little G, Little GImma hand you a free CDTake a chance if ya see me beatClick-clack I'll Dan-ger ya, reap defeatBet ya bleed, bet ya bleed, bet ya bleedNigga we, nigga we, nigga weNot a reason to be sneakyWhipped up ya plan but ya cheeky-cheeksImma- Imma-Imma- That bitchImma- Imma- I'mma readI'mma read, I'mma read, I'mma read