Before the Expensive Taste
Before the Expensive Taste
Mixtape by Azealia Banks
Released 2012
Recorded 2010
Genre Rap
Length 41:00
Label Self-released
Producer(s) Lunice, Lazy Jay, Lunice
Azealia Banks chronology
Before the Expensive Taste Azealia Banks-1991 (EP)-Frontal
(2012) (2012)

 Before the Expensive Taste  is a fanmade mixtape by Azealia Banks, released in 2012.

Tracklist Edit

1. "Gimme a Chance"

2. "Seventeen" (Ladytron Reworking)

3. "The Chill$"

4. "Hood Bitch"

5. "P-U-S-S-Y" (feat. 77KLASH)

6. "Barbie Shit"

7. "Slow Hands" (Interpol Cover)

8. "US"

9. "L8R"

10. "Runnin"

11. "212" (feat. Lazy Jay)

12. "F**k Up the Fuck"

13. "Liquorice"


15. "Bambi"

16. "Grand Scam"

17. "Valeria" (Live in London)

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